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10 Ocak Çalışan Gazeteciler Günü, which translates to “January 10th Working Journalists’ Day” in Turkey, is a day dedicated to honoring and recognizing the contributions and challenges faced by journalists and media professionals in Turkey. This day commemorates the anniversary of the first issue of the “Tasvir-i Efkâr” newspaper, which was published on January 10, 1889, during the Ottoman Empire.

Working Journalists’ Day in Turkey is an occasion to highlight the importance of press freedom, freedom of expression, and the role of journalism in a democratic society. It serves as an opportunity to raise awareness about the rights and working conditions of journalists, as well as the crucial role they play in informing the public, promoting transparency, and holding power to account.

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Turkey, Europe
January 10, 2024

On January 10th each year, various events, seminars, and discussions are organized to celebrate Working Journalists’ Day. These activities may include:

  1. Award Ceremonies: Recognizing outstanding journalists and media professionals for their contributions and achievements in the field.
  2. Panel Discussions: Holding panels and debates on topics related to press freedom, media ethics, and the challenges faced by journalists.
  3. Workshops and Training Programs: Providing workshops and training sessions to support professional development and skills enhancement for journalists.
  4. Public Campaigns: Launching public awareness campaigns to promote press freedom and support for journalists’ rights.
  5. Solidarity Events: Encouraging solidarity among journalists and media organizations, emphasizing the importance of unity in defending press freedom and advocating for journalists’ safety.

Working Journalists’ Day is also an opportunity for the public to express gratitude and appreciation for the dedication and courage of journalists who work tirelessly to report news, investigate stories, and uphold journalistic principles in often challenging and sometimes dangerous environments.Muslims believe that Regaip Kandili is a blessed night when prayers are more likely to be accepted, sins are forgiven, and spiritual rewards are multiplied. It is a time to strengthen one’s faith, seek Allah’s guidance, and renew one’s commitment to living a righteous life.

Overall, Regaip Kandili holds deep spiritual significance in Islam and serves as an opportunity for believers to deepen their connection with Allah through acts of worship, repentance, and devotion. The observance of Regaip Kandili varies across different regions and communities, but the core themes of seeking Allah’s mercy and blessings remain universal among Muslims celebrating this auspicious night.