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14 Şubat Sevgililer Günü, or Valentine’s Day, is a popular celebration observed in many countries around the world to commemorate love and affection between romantic partners. While its origins are rooted in Christian and Roman traditions, Valentine’s Day has evolved into a secular holiday celebrated by people of various backgrounds and beliefs.

On February 14th each year, couples express their love and appreciation for each other through gestures such as exchanging gifts, cards, flowers (especially roses), and romantic dinners. It is a day when people often go out of their way to show affection and celebrate their relationships.

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Turkey, Europe
February 14, 2024

Key aspects of Valentine’s Day include:

1. Gifts and Flowers: Exchanging gifts, particularly chocolates, jewelry, and flowers like roses, is a common tradition associated with Valentine’s Day. Red roses, in particular, symbolize love and passion.

2. Valentine’s Cards: Sending greeting cards, known as valentines, with heartfelt messages expressing love and admiration for one’s partner is a classic Valentine’s Day gesture.

3. Romantic Dinners: Many couples choose to celebrate by dining out at restaurants or cooking special meals at home. Candlelit dinners and romantic settings are popular choices.

4. Expressions of Affection: Couples often use Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to express their feelings openly through verbal affirmations, love letters, or personalized gifts.

5. Community and Commercial Events: Businesses and organizations often host Valentine’s-themed events, promotions, and activities to cater to couples and individuals celebrating the holiday.

In Turkey, Valentine’s Day is not universally celebrated by everyone, as some view it as a commercialized holiday imported from the West. However, for many couples, it is a chance to express their feelings and strengthen their relationships. Additionally, some individuals and groups in Turkey choose to celebrate a more traditional Turkish day of love, called “Sevgililer Günü” on July 14th, which is seen as a more authentic and cultural celebration of love.

Overall, 14 Şubat Sevgililer Günü in Turkey reflects the global trend of celebrating romantic love on Valentine’s Day, albeit with its unique cultural context and variations in how it is observed by different segments of society.